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Pimm´s N. 1 70 cl

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Pimm´s N. 1 70 cl is produced by Diageo.

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In essence, Pimm’s is a typical English liqueur with a sweet and fruity taste, obtained by mixing gin with a selection of aromatic herbs, all dating back to 1859, when James Pimm, owner of an oyster bar, together with five other individuals , created this drink with a recipe that is still secret today.

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The roots of Pimm’s date back to 1823, when James Pimm, the owner of a small oyster bar located near the Bank of England in London, created a digestive liqueur based on gin and aromatic herbs, which he served in a tiny glass known as the “No.1 Cup”. Starting from 1851, thanks to the notable success of this creation, James Pimm decided to market his product on a large scale. In 1865, Pimm sold the brand to Frederick Sawyer and, in 1880, the business was acquired by Horatio Davies, the future Mayor of London. However, in the 70s and 80s of the 20th century, due to a decline in sales, the company went through a difficult period. The chain was purchased by the Distillers Company, which significantly reduced the variety of products. It then came under the control of the multinational Diageo in 1997.

Production method

Pimm’s is a blend of gin, quinine, fruit and herbs, but the full recipe remains a secret kept by just six individuals worldwide.

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Tasting notes

Its natural color is amber with shades tending towards brown. The flavor is rich in fruitiness, with a delicate presence of gin. On the palate, the liqueur offers a bitter taste, with hints of licorice, coffee, ginseng and citrus fruits.


This liqueur is commonly used to prepare cocktails.

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