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Aromatized wine created in Turin in 1786, already produced in previous years throughout the peninsula, is a meditation wine made by macerating herbs and spices combined with domestically produced wine. Excellent as an aperitif and as a cocktail ingredient. In our vermouth selection you will find distinct types by taste (sweet, dry, extra dry, chinato) and by color (red, white, rosé). Spumante wine : the Italian excellence of bubbles, the special wine to toast the good things in life. Spumante is characterized by the effervescence that is responsible for the “froth” produced when the bottle is opened, hence in fact its name. Enoteca Gambi selects the best Italian labels of spumante brut or where produced with the classic method, from refermentation in the bottle, or with the Charmat method, from refermentation in an autoclave. In the Gambi selection you will also find excellent bottles of prosecco, which is produced only in certain areas of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, exclusively with the Charmat method. You also find a wide selection of metodo classico from the Franciacorta and Trentodoc areas as well as from all other Italian production areas.

Italian vermouth

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