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La Valdotaine Vermouth Verney 100 cl

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La Valdotaine Vermouth Verney 100 cl is produced by La Valdôtaine.

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The recipe requires the presence of “mountain wine”, “parietta” (Santoreggia) and “benefort” (wormwood). On the palate, the Vermouth is rich and the nose transmits the distinctive spices and aromatic notes of the “sarieula” (Common Thyme), the protagonist of the alpine aromas of the Val d’Aosta.

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La Valdôtaine, a small artisan distillery in the heart of Val D’Aosta, in Saint Marcel. Of fundamental importance for the company’s production is the proximity to the Acqueverdi spring, a natural source of crystalline water located at an altitude of 1400 meters.

Production method

Back in 1786, in Turin, Vermouth was born. The reigning Savoy family made this aromatized wine known and appreciated, and in that period many herbalists tried their hand at identifying the most delicious recipe. The Verney amaro is inspired by a text dating back to 1880, attributed to Abbé Edouard Berard, a botanist who lived in Aosta in the 1800s.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Bright colour. On the palate and on the sip it is complex, rich in spices and aromatic notes, in particular of thyme, the absolute protagonist of the typical aromas of the Valle D’Aosta.


Less sweet product and more suitable for creating cocktails in combination with London dry gin, whiskey and rum.

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