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Amaro Importante Jefferson 70 cl

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Amaro Importante Jefferson 70 cl is a amaro produced by the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale in Calabria.

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Best amaro in the world 2019, and in general among the most appreciated amaros of southern Italy ever thanks to its pleasant notes of licorice and orange peel balanced by a bitter finish.

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Jefferson Amaro Importante is a herbal amaro produced by Vecchio Magazzino Doganale. The history of this distillery has its roots in the past, when three Englishmen landed, after a shipwreck, on the coasts of Calabria, and began to produce spirits using the delicious ingredients of that land.

Production method

Jefferson Amaro Importante is prepared by infusing spices, citrus fruits and roots in alcohol separately. The whole is then added to alcohol of agricultural origin and sugar. The overall process lasts 9 months, at the end of which the product is filtered using a linen cloth and reaching an alcohol content of 30%.

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Jefferson Amaro Importante is a perfect amaro as a digestive or after-dinner.

It can also be used in mixology for the preparation of particular and suggestive aperitif cocktails.

Tasting notes

Jefferson Amaro Importante presents itself to the eye in a dark amber color, but in any case clear.

The perfume on the nose is elegant, and contains a decisive hint of citrus. In the mouth, on the other hand, it evolves starting from the sweet notes, then passing through the citrus ones and leaving room for a more bitter and spicy, persistent and pleasant finish.

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