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Yellow Chartreuse 70 cl

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Yellow Chartreuse 70 cl is a liqueur produced by Chartreuse Diffusion in France.

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Artisan liqueur with a unique flavor created for centuries by the Carthusian monks, a recipe that has remained almost unchanged for centuries.

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The Chartreuse liqueur is elaborated by the Carthusian monks in the Carthusian monastery of Voiron in southern France, but owes its name to the Grande Chartreuse monastery, where it was originally produced, located in the Chartreuse pre-Alps. This liqueur has a very strong and distinctive flavor that varies between sweet and spicy notes up to more pungent sensations.

Production method

It is produced following an ambitious recipe which involves the use of over 100 herbs and botanicals personally selected by two monks, the only ones who know the exact ingredients. After maceration in alcohol and sugar, the blend is aged in oak barrels for 3 years before being bottled and marketed.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Yellow Chartreuse tastes sweet and fruity, with hints of honey, vanilla and citrus. The taste is balanced by spicy and slightly bitter notes, which give depth and complexity to the liqueur. On the nose, intense aromas of herbs and spices are perceived, with a floral note in the background. On the palate, the texture is soft and velvety, with a persistent and pleasantly bitter aftertaste.


The yellow Chartreuse is an elegant and refined liqueur, which lends itself to multiple tasting occasions.

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