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Gin Major 70 cl

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Major Gin 70 cl bottle is a gin produced by the Major Distillery on Lake Maggiore, Italy.

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Handcrafted with juniper from the Alps, Piedmontese cherries and local herbs from Lake Maggiore in a distillery inside the medieval fortress of Angera. To try.

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This gin is handcrafted by the Major Company inside the medieval fortress of Angera, on the shores of Lake Maggiore. The main botanicals that strongly characterize the distillate produced are the easily recognizable alpine juniper, Piedmontese cherries and local herbs that grow spontaneously near Lake Maggiore.

Production method

To produce gin it is necessary to “aromatize” an alcoholic base with some elements of which one of the components or often the main one is juniper. This can happen in various ways: either through maceration of the botanicals in alcohol, which is then redistilled to find a colorless and “cleaner” product, or the botanicals can be placed in a container placed above the alembic, so that alcohol in the form of vapor extracts aromas and perfumes.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Colorless and clean. Alpine notes, juniper, cherries and balsamic notes of herbs. Slightly pungent, balsamic and persistent on the palate.


Perfect at the end of a meal or as a meditation drink, excellent for creating refreshing high quality cocktails!

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