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Kamiki Japanese Blended Malt 50 cl

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Kamiki Japanese Blended Malt 50 cl is a whisky produced by the Kamiki distillery in Japan.

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A gem in the landscape of Japanese whiskies, Kamiki Blended is produced in the eponymous distillery in the city of Nara and aged in Japanese cedar barrels that determine its olfactory profile in its entirety.

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Kamiki is produced in limited batches in the city of Nara, the ancient spiritual capital of the country. Its name is composed of the words “Kami” (God) and “Iki” (breath) and comes from Omiwa, one of the oldest Shinto shrines located in Nara. It is the only whisky in the world that performs the so-called “finish” phase in Japanese cedar barrels, called “Yoshino Sugi”, which for centuries has been used in the construction of temples and considered the best wood for the production of barrels for Japanese beverages, due to its refreshing aroma. These elements allow for a perfectly balanced whisky, unique in its kind.

Production Method

The production of blended whisky aims to achieve harmonious and balanced products through the wise blending of single malt, whisky obtained from the distillation of a single type of malted barley, and grain whisky, that is, whisky from various types of unmalted cereals. The resulting distillates tend to have less character and less decisive flavor notes, but are still characterized by great harmony, fragrance, and pleasure.

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Tasting Notes

Light amber color with honeyed notes. On the nose, notes of heather, aromatic herbs, honey, sandalwood, green tea, and hints of peat. On the palate, the distillate is soft, rich and with balsamic and pungent veins; on the finish it becomes more decisive and dries the palate with greater alcohol content. Persistent and particular.


Perfect as a dessert or meditation drink; particularly recommended for lovers of Japanese whiskies, but still able to express fragrance, character, and substance. Great as a gift!

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