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Averna Amaro cl 70

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Amaro Averna liter is a bitter produced by Averna.

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Great classic of Italian bitters. Perfect smooth with ice or for creating cocktails!

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Averna is a typical amaro of the Sicilian tradition, created by monks in the Caltanissetta area. The recipe was then sold to the merchant Salvatore Averna in 1868, who began producing this product, but it was then his son Francesco who began to export it to the main Italian fairs, until it became one of the best known Italian bitters ever.

Production method

Averna Amaro is still produced today in its place of origin, Caltanissetta, and is characterized by a slower than normal infusion process of the herbs, to maintain the richness of the aromas. Herbs are used and then pomegranate, bitter orange and lemon essential oils are added.

Alcohol content



Averna Amaro is perfect as a digestive and after-dinner.

Averna can also be used as an ingredient for the preparation of some cocktails and in mixology.

Tasting notes

Brown color with orange reflections. On the nose citrus and spicy aromas, in the mouth a strong sweet and bitter taste.

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