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Naga Rum Java Reserve 70 cl

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Naga Rum Java Reserve 70 cl is a rum produced by the Naga distillery in Indonesia.

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Naga Rum is the result of assembling distillates obtained from traditional boiler stills. Subsequently, it undergoes a first phase of aging in local wooden barrels called “Jatti” and subsequently a second period of aging in barrels previously used for Bourbon.

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Indonesia is a country composed for the vast majority of islands (about 13,466!) In addition to being one of the most populous countries in all of Southeast Asia, it is also the place of origin of sugar cane. The name Naga comes from that of the mythical Asian creature, guardian of the serpent of the earth’s treasures and symbol of prosperity, fertility and protector of nature’s treasures; is a mystical Hindu being, whose meaning stands for “snake”.

Production method

Indonesian rum comes from the distillation of sugar cane molasses, to which red fermented rice yeast is added. This fermented product is distilled via batch distillation in typical stills and is then aged for 3 years in teak barrels and for another 4 in ex-bourbon American oak barrels.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Crystalline color with copper-colored reflections. On the nose an exotic bouquet with notes of ripe mango and banana that blend with the spicy nuances of nutmeg, cloves and cocoa. Soft and sweet on the palate, but at the same time energetic, giving a pleasant sensation. In the mouth all the aromas perceived on the nose can be recognized, with persistent and complex hints of tropical fruit and wood.


Perfect at the end of a meal or as a meditation.

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