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From The Barrel 51,4° Nikka Whisky 50 cl

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From The Barrel 51.4° Nikka Whiskey 50 cl bottle is a whiskey produced by the Nikka Whiskey distillery in Japan.

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Blend created to savor the exotic and oriental notes of Yoichi and Miyahikyo distillates, in any case seeking a great balance through the blend of single malt and grain whiskeys: the result is a soft, harmonious and well-balanced product, appreciable by the most experts or curious neophytes .

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The story of Nikka is also the story of Japanese whiskey. Back in 1894, a boy named Masataka Taketsuru was born, a descendant of a historic family of sake producers, who since he was a boy had dreamed of producing a whiskey with the style and complexity of the great Scottish whiskies. In 1919, having finished his studies, he then went to Scotland to acquire the right know-how relating to distillation, aging and the other steps necessary to obtain quality whiskeys also in Japan. This experience will be fundamental for him not only for Taketsuru’s technical training, but because it will make him start dreaming of one day having his own distillery that produces the precious distillate in his homeland. After finishing his studies at the University of Glasgow, in 1934 Taketsuru’s project began to take shape: the Nippo Kaju company was opened and the still existing Yoichi distillery on the island of Hokkaido. In 1952 the name will be changed to Nikka Whisky, as we know it today; in 1962 a second distillery was established on the island of Honsu. Over the years Taketsuru’s distillery and courage have inspired many other professionals to create their Made in Japan distillates, and today Nikka is considered not only as one of the best distilleries in Japan, but in the world.

Production method

The production of blended whiskeys aims at obtaining harmonious and balanced products through the skilful mixing of single malt, whiskey obtained from the distillation of a single type of malted barley, and grain whiskey, or whiskey from various types of unmalted cereals. The result is distillates that tend to have less character and less decisive gustatory notes, but nonetheless endowed with great harmony, aromas and pleasantness.

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Tasting notes

The color is intense amber, with luminous reflections. The nose shows notes of spices and ripe fruit, with intriguing floral notes. On the palate the whiskey is mellow, soft and elegant, with a finish that returns to the notes of ripe fruit and sweet spices.


Perfect at the end of a meal or as a meditation; particularly recommended for lovers of balanced, soft and fruity whiskeys. Great as a gift!

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