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Domenis Grappa “Storica Bianca” 50 cl

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Domenis Grappa “Storica Bianca” 50 cl bottle with case is a grappa produced by the Domenis distillery since 1898 in Cividale del Friuli.

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To try a line of famous and timeless grappa of extreme quality produced from the pomace of only white grapes

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Domenis Grappa “Storica Bianca” 50 cl bottle with case is a grappa produced by the Domenis Distillery since 1898 based in Friuli. Already in the distant year of foundation Pietro Domenis becomes skilled in the distillation of some black pomace and fruit and therefore decides to found the distillery to which he will give his name; it will be just the beginning of a story studded with more than a century of successes and innovations.

Grapes used

Pomace of local white grapes

Production method

The pomace of white grapes is carefully selected by some local suppliers and is fermented. Subsequently we proceed to the distillation with 8 copper stills with discontinuous distillation. The final alcohol content of the product will be 50°.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

It descends into the glass of transparent and clear color. Aromatic, intense and ethereal sensations on the nose. Dry but harmonious and persistent taste.


Indicated as after-dinner/after-dinner or digestive, or for moments of relaxation alone or in company. Ideal as a gift for someone special or a lover.

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