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Vodka Mamont 70 cl

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Vodka Mamont is a vodka produced by the Itkul distillery in Siberia.

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Characterized by the distinctive bottle that recalls the shape of a mammoth tusk, this vodka is produced at the oldest distillery in Siberia using white winter wheat, subjected to six distillations and filtrations through birch charcoal.

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Vodka Mamont is an authentic Siberian distillate, recognizable by its characteristic mammoth tusk-shaped bottle. The inspiration for the creation of this vodka dates back to 2001, when a group of twelve explorers found themselves trapped in the South Pole after an emergency landing. In the frigid Antarctica climate, while waiting for rescue, the explorers warmed up with vodka and began planning their next adventure: the search for the great Siberian mammoth. A year later, a Yukagir mammoth tusk was discovered emerging from the ice of the cold Siberian tundra, prompting one of the explorers to travel to the site of the find. There, he found an entire mammoth incredibly preserved thanks to the ice. To honor this extraordinary find, one of the explorers decided to create Mamont Vodka, taking its name from the Russian term “mamont”, which means “mammoth”.

Production method

Vodka has been distilled since time immemorial in Poland and Russia, which contend for the origin of the distillate; is a distillate of cereal origin. It is usually distilled by continuous distillation and usually at least 3 times. The production process of this distillate begins with the cultivation of wheat, rye, barley and millet, which are harvested and subjected to germination before natural fermentation. After that, the fermented liquid undergoes five distillations, achieving a result of impeccable purity. Subsequently, it is mixed with water from a local artesian spring and subjected to a further filtration step through activated birch carbon enriched with silver ions.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

It has a crystalline and luminous appearance. Spicy aromas of juniper, star anise and pepper are perceived on the nose, with a finish that recalls the sweetness of licorice and the freshness of fruit. On the palate it is soft, velvety and enveloping, with delicate sweet and spicy notes that blend harmoniously with a pleasant salty touch.


Perfect as a gift for someone special. Perfect for a celebration, or for a classy after-dinner with special people.

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