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Sherry Pedro Ximenez 15 Years Don Zoilo Williams & Hubert 70 cl

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Sherry Pedro Ximenez 15 Years Don Zoilo Williams & Hubert 70 cl is a sherry produced by Williams & Hubert.

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Sherry is a versatile wine, with various nuances of flavour, that can be paired with many different dishes and occasions.

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Sir Alexander Williams and Arthur Humbert formed the company in 1877. Nowadays, the company is owned 50% by the Medina family and 50% by the Royal Ahold of Netherlands. It has 21 buildings which are used to age the wines through the Solera system, or to harvest the grapes, which come entirely from their own vineyards.

Production method

To produce Sherry, Palomino, Pedro Ximénez or Moscatel grapes are used. After fermentation, the base wine is fortified with alcohol up to 15-15.5%. The aging process takes place through the Solera system, where the younger wine is blended with the older one. Sherry can be sweet (adicionado of PX or Moscatel) or dry (fino, oloroso, amontillado) and must be aged for at least three years. The final result is a golden/amber colored wine, with an intense and complex aroma, with notes of dried fruit and spices, and a unique and recognizable flavour.

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Tasting notes

Sweet, young and not very complex wine, with a dark brown colour. Predominant notes of raisins, plums and honey on the nose, while on the palate it is extremely sweet with notes of figs and dates. The taste is unbalanced due to the excessive sweetness and the absence of typical notes of aging in Solera.


Perfect at the end of a meal or as a meditation; also excellent for creating cocktails.

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