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Akashi Japanese Single Malt 5 Years Old Sherry Cask White Oak Distillery 50 cl

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Akashi Japanese Single Malt 5 Years Old Sherry Cask White Oak Distillery 50 cl is a whiskey produced by the White Oak Distillery in Japan.

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This Single Malt from White Oak Distillery is powerful and decisive, aged for 2 years in American oak barrels and another 3 in ex-sherry to give it color and aroma. The distillery is active only 1 month a year, making this Single Malt very precious for the very limited quantities produced.

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Although the history of whisky in Japan is undoubtedly linked to Masataka Taketsuru, founder of the Nikka distillery, the history of distilleries in the Land of the Rising Sun is much older; in fact, as far back as 1888, the White Oak Distillery was founded in Akashi. Starting with small whisky productions but already known for the production of sake and shochu, over the years it has established itself as one of the main producers of pure malt and whisky throughout the country. The company is very attentive to every step involved in the production of whisky; from distillation, carried out strictly through traditional methods and discontinuous stills, to aging, which takes place in oak barrels for a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 8 years for pure malts.

Production Method

Single malt whisky is produced by first undergoing a maltation process where barley’s complex sugars are broken down into simple sugars for yeast fermentation. This occurs in 3 stages: soaking the barley in water, germination to release enzymes, then drying and grinding the barley to extract the wort. The wort is fermented and distilled, followed by aging which is crucial for the distillate’s flavor. The choice of wood is an essential part of the aging process.

Alcoholic content


Tasting Notes

Clear, bright amber color. On the nose, notes of orange blossom and citrus, with intriguing notes of vanilla and white pepper, star anise and hints of roasting, smoking, and oloroso sherry. On the palate, decisive, broad, elegant, and deep, with a long and persistent finish supported by a beautiful alcohol content.


Perfect as an after-dinner drink or for meditation; particularly recommended for lovers of Japanese whiskies, but still able to express scents, character, and substance. Great as a gift!

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