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Pinot nero dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC Fioravanti 2021 Mon Carul 75 cl

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Pinot nero dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC “Fioravanti” 2021 Mon Carul 75 cl is a red wine produced by the Calatroni company in Oltrepò Pavese.

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Pinot noir with pleasant and typical notes of red fruits, balanced and fragrant, a must on a well-laid table.


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The estate and the vineyards where the Calatroni farm stands today belonged to the Vecchietti family in the past, until 11 November 1964, the date on which Luigi Calatroni took over the entire property. Up to that moment Luigi had cultivated those lands as a sharecropper, like the four generations that had preceded him (the sharecropper was a winegrower who paid the land rent with half the yield of the vineyard). Today, many years later, the way of making wine has evolved hand in hand with technological innovations and discoveries in the technical-oenological field, but the passion and the roots are still the same. The company is located in Montecalvo Versiggia in the province of Pavia, within the Oltrepò Pavese denomination, and both red and white grape varieties are grown such as Pinot Noir, Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Bonarda and more.

Grapes used
Pinot noir 100%

Production method

The grapes are harvested in the first week of September and pressed within an hour of harvesting, to preserve their freshness and aroma as much as possible. The maceration lasts for about 10 days and then the batch is sent to two distinct vinification processes: 80% ferments in steel, and the remaining 20% in oak barrels. After 6 months of refinement, the base wine is reassembled and bottled in July of the year following the harvest.

Tasting notes

Soft and brilliant ruby red colour. On the nose notes of small red fruits typical of the vine, blackberry and red currant, with pleasant floral, balsamic and fine spice notes such as black pepper and vanilla which complete the texture. In the mouth it is enveloping, elegant, medium-bodied and with light and elegant tannins and a lively final acidity.

Possible combinations

Pinot nero Fioravanti is perfect to drink by the glass for lovers of the genre or for those who love balanced wines with not too important tannins. In combination it is ideal on first courses with tomato sauce and meat sauce, on savory cheeses and second courses of red meat and, if necessary, game, perhaps not overcooked for a long time or spiced.

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