Malvasia Malavizija 2021 Radovic 75 cl

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Malvasia Malavizija 2021 Radovic 75 cl is a wine produced by the Radovic farm.

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Malvasia in purity, produced with artisanal methods and truly respectful of nature, obtained from vines over 45 years of age that arise on rocky-limestone soils and red karst earth. Wine that expresses flavors of the past and territory in a unique way; just over 1000 bottles produced.

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Radovic is a Karst family business that has always decided to work the land with their hands, learning to look after it, respect it and reap its fruits. Since the early 1900s, great-grandfather Ivan had been producing his own wine and selling the rest in the tavern. Grandparents Dušan and Milena, on the other hand, took care of the dairy cows, selling the product on foot in the Karst plateau. Nevo and Flavia have continued this tradition by producing extra virgin olive oil with their own oil mill, as we know that to obtain quality products it is necessary to control every stage of production. Finally, the new generation has arrived: Devan, Peter and Boris, each in search of their own path, who are the true experimenters and the beating heart of the company today.

Grapes used

Malvasia 100%

Production method

Produced from over 45-year-old vines on rocky-limestone soils and red karst soils. The grapes face 7 days of maceration on the skins in karst stone vats. Fermentation is spontaneous with indigenous yeasts. The refinement takes place in oak barrels for 12 hours with a 2-month stop in stainless steel for natural decantation. The refinement then follows for a few months in the bottle before being placed on the market.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Brilliant amber yellow colour. The nose is broad and aromatic with the typical notes of Malvasia but balanced by notes of iron and minerality. On the palate, a complex and enveloping structure is perceived, with vaguely perceptible, but soft and well integrated tannins. The fruity flavors are amplified, accompanied by a pleasant freshness and a remarkable persistence.

Possible combinations

It is perfect with fish-based dishes, such as crudités and carpaccio, and seafood. Try pairing it with Asian cuisine, such as sushi and light curries. Furthermore, it lends itself well to accompanying vegetarian dishes based on grilled vegetables and aromatic condiments. Not to forget, the combination with dishes based on chicken or turkey, which underline the complexity of the wine.

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