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La Valdotaine Bitter 100 cl

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La Valdotaine Bitter 100 cl is produced by La Valdôtaine.

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In the splendid Valle d’Aosta, gentian, artemisia and elderberry grow spontaneously, finding use in various preparations, such as in this amazing Bitter.

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La Valdôtaine, a small artisan distillery in the heart of Val D’Aosta, in Saint Marcel. Of fundamental importance for the company’s production is the proximity to the Acqueverdi spring, a natural source of crystalline water located at an altitude of 1400 meters.

Production method

Bitter is a drink obtained through an artisanal production method. The main ingredients include artemisia, elderberry and gentian, which are harvested in the Aosta Valley. These plants undergo a maceration process to extract their aromas and active ingredients. Subsequently, they are mixed with other plant essences, such as bitter orange peel and licorice root. The result is a drink characterized by a pleasant bitterness, balanced by the sweetness of the elderflowers.

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Tasting notes

In this Bitter, the pleasant bitterness of artemisia combines with the sweet fragrance of elderflower and the distinctive bitter tip of gentian root. The scent and taste are completed with the addition of other plant essences, such as bitter orange peel and licorice root, creating a harmonious union between the scents of the Alps and those of the Mediterranean.


It can be consumed alone, as an aperitif, or used as an ingredient for the preparation of cocktails and mixed drinks.

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