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Johnnie Walker Gold Label 70 cl

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Johnnie Walker Gold Label 70 cl is a whiskey produced by the Johnnie Walker distillery in Scotland.

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The Gold Label is one of the classic and best known blends of this important distillery; inside are whiskeys that are aged for at least 18 years from Speyside, Highlands and the West Coast.



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The story of Johnnie Walker begins in the 1800s with John Walker, a farmer with strong business acumen. After his father’s death, he decided to reinvent himself and started blending whisky, creating more balanced and consistent products than single malt whiskey production. His success continued with his son Alexander Walker, who created the famous 20° crooked label and square bottle and began spreading his first blend, Old Highland Whisky, around the world. The next generation led to the creation of the Red Label and the Black Label, as well as the company logo with the “Striding Man” and the figure of Johnnie Walker. Today, Johnnie Walker is one of the largest blended whiskey companies in the world, with Scotland’s finest whiskeys recognized around the world.

Production method

Blended Whiskeys are whiskeys obtained by blending other whiskies, whether they are Single Malt or Grain Whisky. Johnnie Walker was among the first to use this production method, to try to obtain more balanced products with greater qualitative consistency. The figure of the Master Blender is fundamental, who skilfully selects the various “bases” in order to create highly prestigious blends.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

To the eye light brownish color with golden reflections. On the olfactory examination it already explodes in its complexity combining aromas of candied fruit, citrus peel, peach in syrup with a thread of peat and smoke, sea salt, wet straw and spices. On the palate it finds this complexity and enveloping, with a very long, balanced and bewitching finish.


Perfect at the end of a meal or as a meditation; especially recommended for lovers of silky whiskies. Highly recommended for collectors!

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