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Jack Daniel’s Whisky litro

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Jack Daniel’s Whiskey liter is a whiskey produced by the Jack Daniel’s distillery in Tennesse, USA.

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Among the most famous whiskeys in the world, known for the use of the famous sour mash, which gives the product the typical sour taste.

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The history of the distillery began in 1866 when Jasper Newton Daniel, better known as Jack, learned the art of making whiskey from the preacher and reverend Dan Call and his slave Nathan Green, who would later be the first Master Distiller of the new distillery. In 1904 Old whiskey no. 7 wins the gold medal at the Missouri Whiskey World Fair, the first of 7. During the 20th century the distillery will be able to face very difficult and dark periods such as that of prohibition until establishing itself as an American and world whiskey icon.

Production method

To produce this whiskey an essential element is water from Lynchburg, Missouri; then the raw material, made up of corn, rye, barley is filtered through charcoal. Even the long aging process in barrels is an essential element for the final success.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Mahogany color with brilliant reflections. On the nose typical notes of smoke, acidic and citrus notes. On the palate it is dry, balanced but with a higher alcohol content and length on the finish.


Perfect at the end of a meal or as a meditation; particularly recommended for lovers of whiskey or smoky or intense flavors in general. Great for creating cocktails!

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