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Islay Single Malt 10 Years Ardbeg 70 cl

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Islay Single Malt 10 Years Ardbeg 70 cl is a whiskey produced by the Ardbeg distillery on the island of Islay in Scotland.

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After many years of events and having been closed twice, in 1997 Ardbeg was reborn following the acquisition by the Glenmorangie distillery; in 2008 this whiskey will be voted Whiskey of the Year thanks to its power and peated vein, perfectly able to reflect the “harsh” territorial connotations of Islay. To discover.

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Ardbeg was founded in 1815 on the remote island of Islay in Scotland. The distillery has been acquired by several families over the years, and after several closures and reopenings, it was reacquired in 1997 by Glenmorangie Distillery. Ardbeg has become known for its corporate style, characterized by strong peat notes intertwined with floral and fresh notes. In 2000, its “Ardbeg 10 years” whiskey was launched, and over the years other product lines were launched, until in 2008-2009, Ardbeg 10 years and Ardbeg Uigeadail were proclaimed Whiskey of the Year for two consecutive years.

Production method

The production of single malt whiskey involves the malting of barley, the germination of which releases the enzymes that transform starches into simple sugars. The barley is dried in peat ovens and then ground to extract the fermentable wort. After fermentation and distillation, the whiskey must mature in oak barrels for at least three years in a single distillery in Scotland.

Tasting notes

Golden yellow colour. Intense aroma of smoke and spices on the nose, intertwined with notes of ginger, candied lemon and fresh orange blossom, with a chocolate finish. The corporate style means that these pungent and strong notes of peat intertwine with fresher and more delicate notes, resulting in a truly particular olfactory profile. On the palate the whiskey is alcoholic, powerful, which returns to the overbearing notes of smoke and peat with a long and bewitching finish that also recalls dark chocolate.


Perfect at the end of a meal or as a meditation; particularly recommended for lovers of whiskey or smoky or intense flavors in general.

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