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IM Gin Distilleria Caselli 70 cl

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IM Gin Distilleria Caselli 70 cl is a gin produced by the Caselli Distilleria.

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The selection of the best Juniper, delicious Taggiasca olives and refined spices has been carefully made to create this Gin; the result is a wonderfully authentic dry gin that enchants the senses.

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The foundation of the Caselli Distillery dates back to 1860 thanks to the initiative of Francesco Caselli. Initially, it was a grocery store that produced a wide range of goods. The liqueurs of that era were made in the rooms on the ground floor and in the cellars of Palazzo Caselli, located in the historic center of Sassuolo. When Galdino Caselli took over the business in the early 20th century, the grocery began to transform more and more into a distillery. Thanks to his vast experience in the field of liqueurs, he was very skilled in creating various types of distillates and liqueurs, but the most famous of all became the star anise Elixir, later known as “Sassolino”.

Production method

To produce gin it is necessary to “aromatize” an alcoholic base with some elements of which one of the components or often the main one is juniper. This can happen in various ways: either through maceration of the botanicals in alcohol, which is then redistilled to find a colorless and “cleaner” product, or the botanicals can be placed in a container placed above the alembic, so that alcohol in the form of vapor extracts aromas and perfumes.

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Tasting notes

Colorless and clean. The sense of smell opens with a first distinctive aroma that makes this distillation immediately recognizable; only later, the pleasant nuances of the olive tree surprise with their balsamic freshness, giving a truly unique experience. Delicate and persistent taste, representing the perfect combination of excellent quality ingredients.


Perfect at the end of a meal or as a meditation drink, excellent for creating high quality refreshing cocktails!

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