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Green Chartreuse 70 cl

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Chartreuse Verde 70 cl is a liqueur produced by Chartreuse Diffusion in France.

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Artisan liqueur with a unique flavor created for centuries by the Carthusian monks, a recipe that has remained almost unchanged for centuries.

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The Chartreuse liqueur is elaborated by the Carthusian monks in the Carthusian monastery of Voiron in southern France, but owes its name to the Grande Chartreuse monastery, where it was originally produced, located in the Chartreuse pre-Alps. This liqueur has a very strong and distinctive flavor that varies between sweet and spicy notes up to more pungent sensations.

Production method

Produced by carefully selecting herbs and plants from all over the world. After maceration in the green liquid obtained, it is distilled and aged in oak barrels for many years. The monks check the quality of the product during the entire production process, making sure it respects the original recipe. Finally, the liqueur is bottled and sealed by hand. The green Chartreuse represents a handcrafted product of great tradition and knowledge, which reflects centuries of history of the Carthusian monks.

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Tasting notes

Green Chartreuse has an intense and complex aroma of herbs and spices, with notes of mint, thyme and anise. On the palate, it is sweet and enveloping, with a perfect balance of herbaceous, spicy and sweet flavours. The finish is long and persistent, with an aftertaste that recalls the herbs used in the blend


Green Chartreuse goes well over ice or used as an ingredient in herbal cocktails, but can also be enjoyed on its own, at room temperature or slightly chilled. Its complexity makes it a liqueur to sip slowly, to fully enjoy every nuance.

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