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Gin Old Tom Herno 50 cl

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Herno Gin Old Tom 50 cl bottle is a gin produced by the Herno Gin Distillery.

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High quality gin made in Sweden; among the botanicals mainly used we find, in addition to juniper, meadowsweet flowers and the addition of a few drops of honey after distillation which give softness and a pinch of sweetness to the distillate.

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Old Tom gin was born around the 18th century in England during the gin act which prohibited the sale and consumption of gin. Usually a sign depicting a black cat was placed outside pubs or clubs where gin was sold illegally; you put the money under the cat’s paw and got the gin from a slot. Over time this cat began to be called Old Tom. Herno Distillery reinterprets tradition by slightly deviating from traditional flavors, with a focus on fresh flavors and flowers, specifically meadowsweet flowers.

Production method

To produce gin it is necessary to “aromatize” an alcoholic base with some elements of which one of the components or often the main one is juniper. This can happen in various ways: either through maceration of the botanicals in alcohol, which is then redistilled to find a colorless and “cleaner” product, or the botanicals can be placed in a container placed above the alembic, so that alcohol in the form of vapor extracts aromas and perfumes. Old Tom gin in particular is also known for being slightly sweetened and therefore having a greater ease of drinking.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Slightly hazy transparent colour. On the nose notes of flowers, refreshing notes of lemon peel, red fruits and coriander. On the palate very soft, slightly sweetish, with a refreshing and floral finish.


Perfect at the end of a meal or as a meditation drink, excellent for creating high quality refreshing cocktails!

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