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Fuji-Sanroku Blended Whisky Kirin Distillery 70 cl

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Fuji-Sanroku Blended Whiskey Kirin Distillery 70 cl bottle is a whiskey produced by the Kirin distillery in Japan, on Mount Fuji.

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Very rare whiskey that is not marketed outside Japan; it is produced and assembled by the Kirin distillery of Mount Fuji, a terroir that greatly characterizes the aromas and facets of this whisky. Unfiltered and bottled at an alcohol content of 50°, a true jewel for connoisseurs.

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This whiskey is assembled from produced by the Fuji Gotemba Distillery, owned by the Kirin Group. The distillery is set in the enchanted panorama of Mount Fuji, at 620 meters above sea level. with clean air, moderate humidity and pure water, an area rich in minerals, real “blessings” for the production of quality whisky. The distillery carries out all the production processes, from infusion (mashing) to bottling.

Production method

The production of blended whiskeys aims at obtaining harmonious and balanced products through the skilful mixing of single malt, whiskey obtained from the distillation of a single type of malted barley, and grain whiskey, or whiskey from various types of unmalted cereals. The result is distillates that tend to have less character and less decisive gustatory notes, but nonetheless endowed with great harmony, aromas and pleasantness.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Amber color with caramel notes. On the nose notes of flowers, apple pie and cooked pears, black pepper and aniseed. On the palate it attacks decisively but is still balanced, with a persistent finish with balsamic and spicy notes.


Perfect at the end of a meal or as a meditation; particularly recommended for lovers of Japanese whiskey, but still able to express aromas, character and substance. Great as a gift!

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