Champagne Grand Cru Diapason Pascal Doquet 75 cl

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Champagne Grand Cru Diapason Pascal Doquet 75 cl is a champagne produced by the Pascal Doquet maison.

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For those who want a biodynamic product that combines the creaminess of chardonnay with a marked minerality. Crazy.



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The company was created in 1976 by Michel Doquet and Nicole Jeanmaire, who reorganized some vineyards by starting to personally vinify the grapes. In 1995, his son Pascal changed the name of the company to the current one and increased the quality of the production, also innovating the techniques used; will introduce organic cultivation, subsequently officially certified in 2010, according to which respect for the vineyard and its typical characteristics, the use of compost manure, organic fertilizer and use only of natural herbicides prevails. A policy that we then find in every type of step carried out in the vineyard and in winemaking, a policy that will then give life to some of the most complex and interesting bubbles in the whole panorama of French bubbles.

Grapes used

100% Chardonnay

Production method

It is produced according to the so-called methode champenoise or classic method, a method in which the wine substantially undergoes two different fermentations: the first, the alcoholic one (which it shares with the rest of the wines) takes place in vats for fermentation; the second instead takes place directly in the bottle and ensures that during this second procedure, thanks to particular yeasts, the wine also develops carbon dioxide (which will then give life to the famous bubbles when uncorked). It is a Champagne with Chardonnay grapes coming only from very long-lived grand crus vineyards and therefore with a marked minerality.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

It has an intense and crystalline straw yellow color. On the nose notes of citrus fruits and white flowers, melted butter, toasted almonds all accompanied by a marked sensation of chalk and minerality In the mouth soft and enveloping at the beginning, it is then cut by a discreet acidity and minerality to then return to more mature notes typical of Chardonnay in a long and pleasant finish.

Possible combinations

Perfect as an aperitif given the delicacy of the grapes, but in reality one soon realizes that it contains a complexity and evolution worthy of the great champagnes made only from Chardonnay grapes. Also perfect with fish dishes or as a meditation wine. Top.

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