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Calvados V.S.O.P. Chateau du Breauil 70 cl

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Calvados V.S.O.P. Chateau du Breauil 70 cl is a calvados produced by Chateau du Breuil in France.

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Intermediate aging line (VSOP) produced by the historic company in Normandy, excellent for enthusiasts and newbies who want to approach this traditional French distillate.

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In the cool plain of Pays d’Auge, in Normandy, stands the Château du Breuil, which was purchased in 1954 by Philippe Bizouard, an expert in the production of Calvados who came from a family with a long tradition. The château is classified as a historical monument and, after being completely restored by its new owner, the outbuildings were transformed into cellars, called “orangeries”, which today house the Calvados for the aging phase. The choice of the raw material is essential for the production of Calvados, as the quality of the distillate depends on the apples used. At Château du Breuil, the “quintessence” of the fruit is extracted, following highly confidential procedures and production steps. The result is an almost magical Calvados which, after a long period of skilful aging, guarantees unrivaled quality.

Production method

Calvados is produced through the fermentation of apple cider, followed by distillation and aging in oak barrels for at least 2 years. The aging process gives Calvados its characteristic taste and aroma of apple and vanilla.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Brilliant and luminous color, the nose has fresh and pleasant, soft hints reminiscent of ripe apple and icing sugar, vanilla and spice notes. On the palate it is warm, soft and round, with a pleasant persistence.


Perfect at the end of a meal or as a meditation.



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