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Biscotti di Prato alle Mandorle Antonio Mattei 250 g

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Biscotti di Prato with Almonds 250 g Antonio Mattei is a typical dessert produced by the Antonio Mattei biscuit factory in Prato, Tuscany.

Why buy it?

One cannot help but think of Tuscany, Prato and Florence when the “cantuccio” or biscuit of Prato is mentioned; a taste now more than 150 years old.

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Antonio Mattei was born in Prato on 17 January 1818 and will marry Agnese Cipriani, with whom he will have 8 children; Emilio and Luigi will collaborate in their father’s business. In 1858 the Mattei oven was founded which initially produced bread and other bakery products; from the custom of the traditional Prato draft was born that of anise-flavoured Cantucci and then the production of almond cantucci, which will enjoy incredible commercial success. In 1904 the factory was acquired by the Ciampolini and Pandolfini family; in the period after the war and exactly in 1922, Ernesto Pandolfini will become the sole owner of the factory and will decide to further specialize the production in confectionery products such as ugly and good biscuits, lawn biscuits, health biscuits and Mantovana cake. In those years another great classic was also created: the candied loaf. In 1921 Ernesto Pandolfini will have two children, Paolo and Maria Paola Pandolfini. In 1925 the first branch of the biscuit factory was opened in Florence and entrusted to the management of the brothers Alberto and Olimpo Pandolfini, on condition that they respect the traditional recipes. Paolo Pandolfini will start working in the family business, then taking over the leadership on the death of his father Ernesto and his 4 children will do the same, Francesco, who now takes care of the production aspect, Marcella, administrative manager, Elisabetta, who follows the Italian and foreign commercial and Letizia, who follows the workshop and the archive of historical photographs. In 2008 the company celebrated 150 years of history; in 2018 the Bottega Museo was opened in the heart of Florence and in 2019 it launched the new packaging that celebrates the return to the color blue.

Tasting notes

They are prepared only with 5 simple and genuine ingredients: flour, sugar, free-range eggs, almonds and pine nuts which do not contain preservatives, animal or vegetable fats. The result is a simple but tasty biscuit, which tells the flavors of Tuscany with every bite.


Excellent as a gift for a special person, perfect to combine with the traditional Vin santo, or to combine with coffee or at the end of a small snack.

Ingredients declared by the manufacturer

soft wheat flour, sugar, almonds 20%, free-range eggs, pine nuts. May contain Butter, soy, pistachios and hazelnuts.

Nutritional values per 100g of product

Energy 1801/428 KJ/Kcal

Fat 12g Of which saturated 1g

Carbohydrates 66g Of which sugars 36g

Fibers 3.2g

Protein 12g

Salt >0.01 g

Additional information

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