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Amaro Quintessentia Nonino 70 cl

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Amaro Quintessentia Nonino 70 cl is a amaro produced by Nonino.

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Its perfume evokes citrus peel, fruit, pepper, licorice and balsamic herbs. It is ideal to be enjoyed as a refreshing aperitif, a digestif, in cocktails or served hot as a Punch.

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The Nonino Distillery, based in Udine, boasts a history of great tradition and innovation in the field of distillation. Founded in 1897 by Orazio Nonino, the company began its activity by producing high quality grappas in accordance with the local traditions of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

In the 1970s, the distillery underwent a significant transformation thanks to the intuition of Benito Nonino, who introduced discontinuous steam distillation. This innovation has made it possible to preserve the more delicate aromas and flavors of the grapes, paving the way for the creation of new highly refined distillates. The Nonino family has also developed the concept of “monovitigno”, producing grappas that fully express the varietal characteristics of grapes such as Moscato, Merlot and Pinot Grigio. This pioneering approach has contributed to making the Nonino distillery a point of reference in the world of high quality distillation. Today, the Nonino distillery is managed by the fourth generation of the family

Production method

The distillation follows artisanal methods, exploiting the discontinuous process through the use of a steam-powered copper alembic. After distillation, the head and tail are separated, isolating the best essence of the aromas extracted during the manufacturing process in the heart. Subsequently, we proceed with the maturation phase, in which the Amaro ages both in barriques and in small wooden barrels, until the bottling and marketing process starts.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

It has an amber hue, evoking an amber-like color, accompanied by a pleasant luminosity. Its fragrance on the nose is full and rich, in which citrus notes alternate with spicy touches and hints of aromatic and balsamic herbs. When tasted, it manifests itself as a liqueur of medium consistency, velvety, offering a sip that reveals a fresh and spicy flavor, in which the sweet is harmoniously balanced.


Perfect bitter as a digestive or after-dinner. It can also be used in mixology for the preparation of particular and suggestive aperitif cocktails.

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