Amaro Dilei Bordiga 70 cl

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Amaro Dilei Bordiga 70 cl is a amaro produced by the Bordiga distillery in Piedmont.

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This handmade product is able to satisfy all palates, making it perfect as a digestive. The bitters of this distillery are made exclusively with fine spices, herbs and flowers mainly from the Maritime Alps, which are dried in the open air.

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Bordiga is a historic Piedmontese distillery that has been operating in the province of Cuneo for more than 130 years, dedicating itself entirely to the production of quality distillates.

Production method

The preparation of this amaro requires a long process of research in the area to select the herbs, flowers, roots and plants that have always been part of the tradition of the Maritime Alps. The desire to create a label that faithfully reflects the places of production and their traditions has led to favoring plants harvested in the Occitan valleys, integrated with a selection of fine spices. The manufacturing process is very simple, with the extraction of the aromas through the infusion in an alcoholic solution or the distillation of the various ingredients. Subsequently, the assembly phase takes place to create harmony between the aromas, the addition of a small amount of sugar to mitigate the bitter notes of some herbs and natural caramel to give a shade of colour.

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Tasting notes

The light amber hue introduces fragrant and delicate aromas of sweet spices and aromatic herbs. The sip is light, soft, sweet, with a touch of bitterness in the harmonious finish. It has a dark amber tone with mahogany reflections. Intense and rich, it offers an aromatic complexity with notes of soft spices, mountain herbs, floral tones, medicinal herbs and light citrus hints of bitter orange peel, as well as fragrant balsamic nuances. When tasted, a warm and velvety entry is perceived, with a full-bodied and enveloping sip characterized by deep and persistent aromas. The finish is long, fresh, spicy and slightly bitter.


Perfect bitter as a digestive or after-dinner. It can also be used in mixology for the preparation of particular and suggestive aperitif cocktails.

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