Aceto di Vino Rosso Castello di Volpaia 50 cl

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Castello di Volpaia Red Wine Vinegar 50 cl is a vinegar produced by Volpaia in Radda in Chianti, Tuscany.

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Since 1984, the desire to have a vinegar factory also in the renowned Castello di Volpaia company was born to recall a typical product of the wine-growing areas.

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The history of Volpaia has always been a story of tradition merged perfectly with innovation, quality and valorisation of the territory, which today has reached the third and fourth generation of the family, with Nicolò and Federica and their children Allegra, Olivia and Tito. The first to glimpse the potential of the area was Raphael, who used to invite all his friends for large dinners in this enchanting place. Subsequently Carlo and Giovannella dedicated their lives to making Volpaia a place of top quality wine, oil and vinegar. And once again Nicolò and Federica today take care of this legacy of timeless values, ensuring that the Volpaia brand is increasingly known and appreciated in Italy and around the world. The company has approximately 45 hectares all at over 400 m above sea level, which arise on sandstone soils rich in minerals, particularly suited to the production of quality wine; all production is certified organic.

Grapes used

Local grape must

Production method

The conventional method of slow acetification using chips is adopted, which represents the only process capable of preserving the organoleptic characteristics of the base wine. Inside the container where the transformation takes place, the wine flows several times through three grids containing oak chips and tendrils, which act as a support for the community of bacteria involved. During this slow process, the wine absorbs the oxygen necessary for its transformation into vinegar. The maturation phase ends with aging for about a year in wooden barrels, which contributes to giving complexity to the aromas and taste. A part of the alcohol is specially preserved to emphasize the organoleptic qualities. The clarification and filtration are carried out in a very delicate way, in order to keep the typical characteristics of vinegar intact.

Tasting notes

Garnet red colour. Persistent acetic bouquet on the nose, enriched by hints of toasting. In the mouth it stands out for its high acidity balanced by the softness achieved thanks to the maturation period.

Possible combinations

It pairs perfectly with beef, pork and vegetables.

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