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Vodka Grey Goose 70 cl

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Vodka Gray Goose 70 cl is a vodka produced by Gray Goose in France.

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High quality vodka with a refined and versatile taste. Excellent for cocktails or to be enjoyed smooth.


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Gray Goose Vodka is made using French winter wheat grown in the Beauce, which is distilled through a patented five-step process. The water used for production comes from a natural spring in the Gensac-la-Pallue region. The vodka is filtered through Champagne limestones to create a high quality product. This vodka was created as a luxury product by American billionaire Sidney Frank.

Production method

Only high quality soft wheat selected from the northern region of France is used for the production of Gray Goose vodka. After fermentation, it undergoes a proprietary five-stage distillation to ensure the utmost purity and finesse. This unique method is the master distiller’s secret to creating one of the best vodkas in the world.

Tasting notes

Soft and rounded with aromas of wheat, light spiciness, notes of toasted almonds and a clean finish.


Perfect to be consumed smooth or for the creation of fine and elegant cocktails.

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