Syrah J DOC Cortona 2019 Stefano Amerighi 75 cl

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Syrah J DOC Cortona 2019 Stefano Amerighi is a red wine produced by the Amerighi company in the province of Arezzo, in Tuscany.

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An international vine that has found its ideal habitat in the Cortona area. Syrah expresses a pleasant spiciness tending towards black pepper and other spices, with this slightly pungent sensation.

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The company was born from the desire, matured over the years: to be able to produce a great Syrah through the peasant tradition of the Amerighi family. To achieve this objective an area of Cortona closed called Poggiobello di Farneta has been identified, and within it, two well-exposed hills to the south-south-west, enclosed between an old gravel road to the west, a wood to the south and the ridge of the hills to the east to close the horizon. The geological and climatic investigations carried out on the farm then confirmed that this was the terroir we were looking for to plant the clones and our selections of Syrah, carefully chosen in the Rhone Valley. The management of the vineyard follows the dictates of natural viticulture and biodynamic agriculture, all this to be able to bring the healthy grapes to maturity and to allow it to be vinified with the total absence of correctives and chemical products.

Grapes used

Syrah 100%

Production method

Destemming, foot pressing, spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts in concrete vats without the use of pumps, sulfur dioxide or temperature control, with variable maceration for 20 days. Aging for 24 months, 70% in small wood and 30% in cement.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Dark ruby red color with garnet reflections. On the nose sensations of red fruit such as cherry, aromatic herbs such as mint, spicy pepper. In the mouth powerful, full-bodied, fresh and long, tannins in the right measure, light final note.

Possible combinations

Suitable for main courses with an intense flavour, land appetizers, vegetable first courses.

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