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Rum Nation Trinidad 5 Years Old Sherry Finish Rum Nation 70 cl

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Rum Nation Trinidad 5 Years Old Sherry Finish Rum Nation 70 cl is a rum produced by the independent bottler Rum Nation.

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Trinidad 5YO is a medium-bodied rum with an extremely delicate aroma, absolutely accessible to everyone without ever being banal. Its lightness and fragrance make it perfect for the warmer months.

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Rum Nation was born in 1999 by Fabio Rossi, among other things also the founder of the brand of independent bottlers Wilson and Morgan (founded instead in 1992). The idea was born in 1990 when Fabio himself was in Scotland for the selection of some batches of whiskey and therefore on that occasion he noticed some barrels of whiskey from English Guiana and Jamaica, countries of former British domination which therefore used to send the barrels of rum to age in the UK to take advantage of the colder, milder climate. The training on rum comes, among others, directly from the great master Silvano Samaroli. Immediately Rum Nation wanted to propose lines that would honor the “nationality” of the distillate and its own character, labeling with an illustration of a stamp of the same nation. However, over the years Fabio Rossi has spent most of his time in Central and South America to “discover” all the best rums to bottle.

Production method

Independent bottlers select the best batches of distillate from the distilleries (active or sometimes closed) and take care of the refinement and bottling in order to offer products that best tell the individual characteristics of a territory or are aimed at an audience of connoisseurs /passionate.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Amber colour. On the nose, a light and fragrant aroma is perceived, with delicate nuances of unripe bananas, well-ripe lemons, vanilla and a touch of coconut. Retaining its delicacy even on the palate, it has a soft and discreet sweetness, with notes of lemons and lemon peel, resulting fresh and with hints of spring field flowers. Show great balance. It leaves a fragrant and floral taste in the mouth, with a progressive increase in peppery notes, no doubt due to the aging in fresh Oloroso sherry casks, which cleanse and invigorate the palate.


Perfect at the end of a meal or as a meditation.

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