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Romano Levi Grappa di Moscato 70 cl

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Romano Levi Grappa di Moscato 70 cl is a grappa obtained from the pomace of Moscato grapes produced by the historic Romano Levi distillery.

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After Romano Levi’s death, the distillery was transformed into a sort of museum, where some of his dear friends have preserved the art of distillation. The grappas maintain a genuine and authentic character, with the right harsh nuances and a slight roughness that characterizes a distillate such as grappa.

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A branch of the ancient Levi family, of Jewish origin, had been active in the field of distillation since the 17th century in the Alpine valleys of San Giacomo or Valle Spluga, known locally as “Val di Giust”, in the municipalities of Fraciscio di Campodolcino.

For over three centuries, the distillers known as “grapat” migrated temporarily during grape harvesting and winemaking to the wine-growing areas of Piedmont, where they used mobile stills to distill the pomace and produce grappa.

Over time, many of these distillers settled permanently in their workplaces, creating permanent distilleries. Serafino Levi married Balbo Teresina and two children were born from their union, Lidia and Romano. In 1925, Serafino chose to settle in Neive, a land famous for its great wines and for the availability of top quality pomace. Here he founded his own direct-fire distillery.

Unfortunately, Serafino died prematurely in 1933, leaving behind his two small children and his wife who, despite everything, continued to manage the distillery. However, his wife also suffered a tragic fate, losing her life during a bombing raid in 1945. At the age of only 17, Romano Levi, who was a student in Alba at the time, made the decision to interrupt his studies and, with the help of his sister Lidia, continued the tradition of distillation. The distillery, originally founded by Serafino Levi, was equipped with a direct-fire still, equipment that is still in use today.

Grapes used

Moscato pomace

Production method

An ancient discontinuous copper alembic, transferred directly from the father and powered by direct fire. An equipment considered simple today, but which allows small quantities to be distilled with high quality.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Clear and transparent. The nose reveals notes of white flowers, delicately fruity aromas, traces of citrus fruits and subtle nuances of vanilla and precious woods. The sip is balanced and harmonious, with a fruity softness in the center of the palate which develops into a long and highly pleasant finish.


Indicated as after-dinner/after-dinner or digestive, or for moments of relaxation alone or in company. Perfect as a gift for someone special.

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