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Pinot Nero Gavi 2019 La Scolca 75 cl

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Pinot Nero Gavi 2019 La Scolca 75 cl is a red wine produced by the La Scolca company, Piedmont.

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Pinot Noir from one of the most suitable areas of Piedmont, the result is a wine with a well-balanced tannic texture and a decisive floral and spicy finish.

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Tenuta La Scolca was acquired between 1917 and 1919 by the great-grandfather of the current owner Giorgio Soldati, who is now firmly at the helm of the company together with his daughter Chiara Soldati. At the time of purchase, the property was mostly covered by woods and wheat crops. The constant work and commitment of the family made it possible to radically transform the situation: the decision to plant Cortese vineyards in an area traditionally suited to the production of red berried grapes was important until then. This gave way to a type of wine, the Gavi, destined for a fortunate commercial success in the following years of which Scolca can be considered the creator under certain aspects, being the oldest company in the area, but also the most modern and innovator.

Grapes used

Pinot Noir 100%

Production method

Slight initial refinement in barrique and then in bottle.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Garnet red colour. Fragrant and exuberant on the nose when young, with hints of rose, raspberry and jasmine, while with maturity it evolves into a more complex bouquet. With ageing, spicy and balsamic tones also emerge. In the mouth it has an intense body and a rich, important and warm texture, with a velvety tannic texture.

Possible combinations

It goes beautifully with pasta, especially if seasoned with meat-based sauces. Furthermore, its flavor can be fully appreciated alongside cured meats and sausages, game-based dishes, stews and braised meats. Furthermore, it goes perfectly with seasoned polenta, agnolotti, fondue, mushrooms and truffles.

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