Orange Ruhk Piwi Nove Lune 75 cl

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Orange Ruhk Piwi Nove Lune 75 cl is a wine produced by the Nove Lune company, in the Province of Bergamo.

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Particular attention is paid to the protection of the environment and technologies are favored which make it possible to reduce energy consumption and protect the territory. A particularity of this wine is the refinement in terracotta amphorae.

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Alessandro Sala, founder of the winery, has achieved his goal of producing quality wines without polluting himself, the environment and final consumers. By using disease-resistant grape varieties, it was possible to minimize the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. This sustainable approach preserves consumer health and the integrity of the environment. Alessandro Sala undertakes to disseminate knowledge on resistant vines to encourage their use among producers and protect the environment. His vision is based on ecology, ethics and the art of living transparently.

Grapes used

Bronner 50%

Johanniter 50%

Production method

The harvested grapes are separated from the bunches using open rollers to preserve the berries. Subsequently, they are placed to ferment together with the skins inside terracotta amphorae, with frequent manual mixing. The maceration on the skins lasts for several months, even beyond the fermentation period. After separating the skins, the wine continues to refine in the amphorae until it is bottled.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

It has a golden-orange color and an intense and refined aroma. On the palate, it is complex, with evident citrus notes, a savory flavor and a slightly tannic aftertaste. The imposing structure and the particular color are the result of the long maceration on the skins and the subsequent refinement in amphorae.

Possible combinations

It goes well with tasty cheeses with a slight spiciness, tuna, salmon and eel. It is an excellent choice as a meditation wine.

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