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Limoncello di Sorrento Villa Massa 70 cl

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Limoncello di Sorrento Villa Massa 70 cl is produced by Villa Massa.

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Villa Massa carefully selects the lemons, which come exclusively from the municipality of Massa and the suggestive island of Capri.

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Villa Massa is a company founded in 1991 in Piano di Sorrento, which celebrates the wonderful Campania terroir through the creation of an exceptional PGI liqueur, obtained from one of the most prized treasures of the area: the Oval Lemon of Sorrento. This extraordinary ingredient is the basis of the production of an artisanal liqueur that symbolizes conviviality and joy, and Villa Massa today exports it to over 50 countries, strengthening its position as the undisputed leader in this sector.

Production method

Product deriving from the processing of fresh Sorrento PGI lemons and the addition of neutral alcohol.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Bright yellow colour. Its scent is naturally dominated by fresh and enveloping lemon notes, always maintaining a perfect balance without being excessively invasive. On the palate, this liqueur has a satisfying body and is drunk with freshness and softness, standing out for its precise and slightly sweet lemon flavour.


It is a perfect ingredient for long drinks, cocktails, and can be used creatively in the preparation of desserts and ice creams.

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