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La Valdotaine Grappa Smokey 1983 50 cl

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La Valdotaine Grappa Smokey 1983 50 cl is produced by La Valdôtaine.

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It represents the artisanal excellence of the La Valdotaine distillery, offering grappa enthusiasts a smoky taste profile, with complex notes full of character.

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La Valdôtaine, a small artisan distillery in the heart of Val D’Aosta, in Saint Marcel. Of fundamental importance for the company’s production is the proximity to the Acqueverdi spring, a natural source of crystalline water located at an altitude of 1400 meters.

Production method

Produced using a careful selection of pomace from local grape varieties grown in the vineyards of the Aosta Valley. The pomace is subjected to a distillation process in traditional stills, which allows the characteristic aromas and flavors of the grapes to be preserved and concentrated. During the distillation process, the pomace is exposed to aromatic smoke, obtained from selected woods, such as oak or chestnut. This gives the grappa a smoky taste profile, with complex notes full of character.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Clear and transparent. On the nose, enveloping smoky notes are perceived, followed by hints of dried fruit, vanilla and toasted wood. In the mouth, a pleasant initial sweetness appears, followed by an intense smoky character that harmonizes with notes of cocoa, spices and a slight aftertaste of tobacco. Its gustatory persistence is long and enveloping.


It can be enjoyed on its own, as a meditation distillate, or used to enrich cocktails and drinks, adding an intriguing smoky touch.

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