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Damoiseau Rum Vieux Agricole Damoiseau XO 70 cl

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Damoiseau Rhum Vieux XO 70 cl bottle is a rum produced by Damoiseau on the island of Guadeloupe.

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Damoiseau is a true jewel of Martinique; only products of the highest quality and level are distilled from this distillery. This rum is aged for about 6 years in oak barrels and therefore takes the French wording of “XO” (Extra Old), not being a vintage, the notes and the different refinements of the rums present inside characterize the aromatic profile of this rum.

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Damoiseau is the family that has owned the Bellevue distillery in Guadeloupe for generations, which has been producing a very high quality rum since 1942 in Le Moule, in the Grande-Terre region. The agricultural rums, of which Damoiseau is the market leader in sales all over the world, are produced only from pure squeezed cane juice; process inspired by the production of great distillates such as Armagnac.

Production method

To produce an agricultural rum, the starting “base” is given exclusively by the distillation of pure fermented sugar cane juice. This is a procedure that was adopted for the first time in the Central American islands of former French domination, especially Martinique. Usually from this procedure more complex and elegant products are obtained, characterized by notes that tend to be drier and more dry than the rest of the rums.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Dark brown color with amber reflections. On the nose complex and intense; the nuances of ripe fruit and sweet spices are immediately perceived, among which we clearly perceive tobacco, cinnamon, vanilla, black pepper and brandy. The “alcoholic charge” is also very perceptible. Even on the palate these spicy sensations are confirmed and balanced by a great elegance; the finish is very alcoholic and dry, and therefore very long.


Perfect as an end of meal or meditation, suitable for collectors or for a special gift!

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