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Chevalier Montrachet Grand Cru 2018 Jerome Castagnier 75 cl

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Chevalier Montrachet Grand Cru 2018 Jerome Castagnier 75 cl is a wine produced by Jerome Castagnier.

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In the Olympus of the great white wines of the world, Jerome offers us an interpretation of this unique and rare vineyard; for those who want to enjoy an evening of great refinement and satisfaction.

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To fully understand Jérôme Castagnier’s “negoce” proposal, it is important to consider some preliminary points. The activity of “négociant” usually involves intermediaries or producers who market large quantities of bottles. In the case of Jérôme Castagnier, on the other hand, the quantities are even lower than the already small ones of his original Domaine Castagnier. This proposal focuses on vineyards of the highest quality, with particular attention to the white wines of the Côte de Beaune and the reds from the prestigious Vosne Romanee area and its historic Crus.

The grapes used do not come from other winegrowers, but are cultivated directly by Jérôme according to biodynamic principles on carefully selected sites and subsequently rented. After manual harvesting, the grapes are vinified in the family cellar in Morey Saint Denis, following the producer’s distinctive and identifying stylistic approach.

When you look at these labels, you will be surprised, but it will be by tasting them that you will be truly conquered. Jérôme Castagnier has created wines that offer a unique experience, reflecting his dedication and unmistakable style.

Grapes used

100% Chardonnay

Production method

The grapes are grown directly by Jerome following the principles of biodynamics.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

White wine of rare and extraordinary complexity and refinement. On the nose, it opens with a charming bouquet that harmoniously mixes notes of linden blossom, citrus and peach, with nuances of toasted dried fruit and delicious freshly baked pastry. On the palate, this wine is characterized by its full-bodied and rich structure, accompanied by a lively acidity that gives it freshness and liveliness. The flavors develop elegantly, with hints of juicy citrus, ripe peach and a delicate complexity of toasted dried fruit. Tasting experience of great pleasure and satisfaction, with a perfect balance between complexity, freshness and structure.

Possible combinations

The Chevalier-Montrachet Grand Cru lends itself wonderfully to refined pairings. It is perfect to be enjoyed with high quality fish and shellfish dishes, such as smoked salmon, grilled prawns or scallops in butter and lemon sauce. The complexity and richness of this wine marry beautifully with the delicacy and intense flavors of these dishes.

Furthermore, the Chevalier-Montrachet is an excellent accompaniment to white meat dishes, such as chicken with truffles or veal in a creamy sauce. Its lively acidity and structured body harmonize perfectly with the tenderness of the meat and the rich sauces.

For more daring table combinations, you can also try seasoned hard cheeses, such as Comté or Gruyère, which allow you to appreciate the complex nuances of the wine.

Finally, the Chevalier-Montrachet Grand Cru can be appreciated on its own as a meditation wine, to fully enjoy its complexity and extraordinary aromas. It is an ideal choice for special occasions and for wine lovers looking to explore the grandeur of a white Burgundy Grand Cru.

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Jerome Castagnier

Jérôme Castagnier has established himself as one of Burgundy’s most significant emerging talents, winning the prestigious title “Jeunes Talents de Bourgogne” for two consecutive years. Despite his family origins as a winegrower in Morey-Saint-Denis, Jérôme began his career as a musician, even playing the trumpet for the Republican Guard at the Elysée in Paris. However, the love for his native land and the passion for viticulture prompted him to return to Burgundy in 2004, to take care of the precious family wine heritage together with his father. After the death of his father in 2012, Jérôme took on the task of enhancing the prestigious family crus, including the Clos de Vougeot, the Clos Saint Denis and the Clos de la Roche. Jérôme Castagnier’s talent is indisputable and, although he is already established in France, we are sure that he will soon join the select group of the biggest producers in Burgundy. His dedication to enhancing the prestigious family vineyards and his ability to create wines of exceptional depth are a clear sign of his commitment and talent. We can’t wait to discover the marvels that Jérôme will reserve for us in the future and to taste his wines, which will undoubtedly bear witness to his extraordinary journey in Burgundian viticulture.
Jerome Castagnier / Enoteca Gambi


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