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Champagne Brut Moët & Chandon Resérve Impériale 75 cl

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Champagne Brut AOC Moët & Chandon “Resérve Impériale” 75 cl bottle is one of the most appreciated and well-known champagnes ever.

Why buy it?

It is one of the champagnes that made the history of this product and is still synonymous with quality. It is impossible not to know this product when it comes to champagne.

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Champagne Brut AOC Moët & Chandon “Resérve Impériale” 75 cl bottle is one of the products of the Moët & Chandon maison. Moët & Chandon was born in 1743 thanks to Claude Moët, who began to transport wines from Champagne to Paris. It will be the beginning of a great legend, destined to last until today. In fact, Moët products will be increasingly appreciated by the great families of the time including the French royal family, arriving first in England and then throughout the rest of the world. In 1832 the company changed its name from “Moët” to “Moët & Chandon”; in the following century, with the acquisition of the Ruinart and Lanson maisons, it established itself on the world scene, thanks also to its entry into the LVMH group (Louis-Vuitton-Moët-Hennessy) around 1970-80. It is currently the maison with the most hectares of land, around 1200, of which 50% classified as Grand Cru and 25% Premier Cru; in addition, he also owns the Domain Chandon in Napa Valley (where the first French sparkling wine was produced on American soil) and another in Green Point, Australia.

Grapes used

Pinot Noir 40%

Chardonnay 30%

Pinot Meunier 30%

(of which at least 20% vin de reserve)

Production method

Champagne Brut AOC Moët & Chandon “Resérve Impériale” 75 cl bottle is produced according to the so-called methode champenoise or classic method, a method in which the wine substantially undergoes two different fermentations: the first, the alcoholic one (which unites it with the rest of the wines ) takes place in vats for fermentation; the second instead takes place directly in the bottle and ensures that during this second procedure, thanks to particular yeasts, the wine also develops carbon dioxide (which will then give life to the famous bubbles when uncorked). In this version, the wine is made up of at least 20% reserve wines. The wine remains on the lees for 36 months.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Champagne Brut AOC Moët & Chandon “Resérve Impériale” 75 cl bottle is presented in the glass with an intense straw yellow color, with fine and persistent perlage. On the nose notes of citrus fruits, yellow fruit, butter, almond. Full-bodied, with good acidity and final persistence in the drink, with a hint of woodiness on the finish.

Possible combinations

Champagne Brut AOC Moët & Chandon “Resérve Impériale” 75 cl bottle is ideal as an aperitif, or with fish appetizers in general. So yes to scallops, sushi, sashimi and salmon, to name a few. Also suitable on a first course especially if it has fatty components to reduce, such as cheese, butter, etc. or a light smoke.

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