Champagne Assemblé Brut Bruno Michel 75 cl

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Champagne AOC Assemblé Brut Bruno Michel 75 cl is a champagne produced by the Bruno Michel maison in Epernay.

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“Input” line of the Bruno Michel maison, which surprises for the complexity and depth of its products, for the long refinements of the cuvées, and for the unique and easily recognizable style. In this blend we have 55% chardonnay and 45% pinot meunier, with 20% vin de reserve, in an elegant, creamy and bewitching result. Highly recommended.



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The Bruno Michel maison, founded by Bruno and his wife Catherine, is located in Pierry in the Marne Valley, cultivating the 35 parcels of property strictly organically. 50% is grown in Chardonnay, 40% in Pinot Meunier and the rest in Pinot noir. The cellar is dug into the chalk-limestone caves where the champagnes are assembled and aged, stored in the constant humidity present in the subsoil.

Grapes used

Chardonnay 55%

Pinot Meunier 45%

Production method

The wine is produced with the champenoise method, which involves two fermentations: the first in the vat and the second in the bottle with yeasts that develop carbon dioxide. The wine ages for at least 60 months on its lees.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Straw yellow color with orange notes, very fine and elegant perlage. On the nose notes of white flowers, golden apple, heather honey, candied citrus fruits, pastry, toasted hazelnuts and melted butter, with an intense “wave” of mineral and limestone, closing with spices of white pepper and vanilla. On the palate it is broad, fat and enveloping, very creamy, but held together by a lively acidity, minerality and a surprising depth. Very long and pleasant finish in the mouth.

Possible combinations

The “entrance” line of this maison is absolutely surprising for the perfumes and the expressed maturity. Very pleasant with delicate but tasty dishes, so yes to fish appetizers, crudités, sushi and also first courses always based on fish. Also goes very well with white truffles, lasagna, carbonara and other succulent or “fat” first courses. Also perfect on the occasion of a toast, given the splendid pleasure of drinking.

Additional information

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Bruno Michel

Bruno Michel founded the maison that bears his name in 1980, after years of study and training, following only criteria of organic cultivation and respect for the vines and their fruits. In 1985 his wife Catherine also began to cultivate the same passion; the maison is located in Pierry, a few kilometers from Epernay, in the Marne Valley. The properties extend for 12 hectares consisting of 35 parcels, 50% cultivated with Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Meunier and the remainder with Pinot noir. The champagnes are rigorously assembled on site, in quarries dug in the chalk-limestone caves, where the refinement phase is also carried out; the latter are ideal places for the conservation of champagnes due to the constant humidity present in the latter.


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