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Cervaro della Sala 2020 Castello della Sala Antinori 75 cl

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Cervaro della Sala 2020 Castello della Sala Antinori 75 cl is a white wine produced at Castello della Sala in Umbria, by the Antinori family.

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Powerful expression of Chardonnay vinified with the use of wood, balanced by a part of Grechetto capable of giving a territorial connotation; a great complex and aging white.


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The Antinori family has been producing wine for more than 25 generations, exactly since 1385, and today owns many estates scattered throughout the region, Italy and the world. The name of this wine is a tribute to the ancient family that owned Castello della Sala: the Monaldeschi della Cervara family. The Castle is located in Umbria, not far from Tuscany in the area of the municipality of Orvieto. It was built in 1350 for Angelo Monaldeschi della Vipera and belonged to the family for about 2 centuries, until Giovanna Monaldeschi della Cervara donated the Castle to the Cathedral of Orvieto. It will remain public property until 1860 when the nascent Italian state will alienate the structure to private individuals. In 1940 Piero Antinori’s father, the Marquis Niccolò Antinori, acquired the structure with the awareness that it could have a very high potential for the production of quality wine. In fact, the lands of the Castle extend for about 500 hectares of which 170 are planted with vines, and are located at an altitude ranging between 220 and 470 m a.s.l., an element that allows the company to cultivate many varieties with very aromatic results. different. The soil is mainly clayey, with the presence of many ancient fossils, another element that gives richness and minerality to the wines produced. All these aspects mean that the lands of Castello della Sala are particularly suitable for the production of white wines with one exception: that of Pinot Noir, an international vine that gives its best in areas with strong temperature variations between day and night.

Grapes used

Chardonnay 85%

Grechetto 15%

Production method

The harvest takes place rigorously by hand, for the Chardonnay it begins at the end of the second week of August (usually harvested in the early, cooler hours of the day), for the Grechetto the first days of September. Upon arrival in the cellar, the grapes are immediately cooled, destemmed and softly pressed, and the must obtained is kept for a few hours at a temperature of 10°C to clear naturally. The Chardonnay grape must is immediately transferred to barriques in which both alcoholic and malolactic fermentation takes place by the end of the year. Usually the entire process lasts about 5 months, then the Chardonnay is ready to move to steel where the blend is created with the Grechetto, which instead also carries out the fermentation in steel. After bottling, the wine rests for a few months in the historic cellars of the Castle.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

At sight it has an intense straw yellow color with golden reflections. On the nose sensations of yellow pulp fruit, eucalyptus flowers, chamomile flowers, iodized notes and spices such as white pepper, vanilla and toasted hazelnuts. In the mouth it is enveloping, soft and full; on the finish it retains a discreet freshness combined with minerality. About half an hour after uncorking, as the temperature rises, it is able to release even more complexity, revealing more of its spicy and sapid notes both on the nose and in the mouth.

Possible combinations

Cervaro della Sala is a very powerful and structured white wine, with a great aromatic caliber. It is possible to combine it with second courses of white meat or red meat, even a little greasy and/or fatty given the great freshness of the wine, able to “degrease” the mouth. In our opinion, it reaches its maximum potential if left to age for a few years in the bottle, developing and emphasizing some very special sensations of toasted hazelnuts and other spices.

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