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Carmignano Tenuta Ceri 2020 Rigoccioli 75 cl

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Carmignano Tenuta Ceri 2020 Rigoccioli 75 cl is a red wine produced by the Rigoccioli company.

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The DOCG Carmignano is a denomination to be discovered with products of great structure and quality, this bottle is a great expression of it.

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The story of Edoardo Ceri is the story of a passion that guides his choices in the production of quality wines. His estate in Carmignano, Prato, benefits from an ideal microclimate given the influence of Montalbano and the Apennines and Edoardo is committed to enhancing the natural fertility of the soil. Following the seasons and embracing authentic organic methods, he focuses on biodiversity and land conservation. Tenuta Ceri represents authenticity and tradition, creating wines that go beyond the simple pleasure of the palate.

Grapes used


Cabernet Sauvignon

Production method

Tenuta Ceri’s Carmignano is produced following organic methods and respecting the seasons. The natural fertility of the soil is enhanced and chemical products are banned. The goal is to create an authentic wine that tells the story of the territory.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Brilliant ruby red colour. The nose expresses an elegant aromatic complexity with hints of fresh red fruits, hints of sweet spices and a savory note. On the palate, it stands out for its harmonious and well-balanced structure, with soft tannins and a pleasant freshness and minerality.

Possible combinations

Ideal with grilled meats, red meats, game, mushrooms and aged cheeses.

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