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Blended Japanese Whisky Kensei 70 cl

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Blended Japanese Whiskey Kensei 70 cl a whiskey produced by the Kensei distillery in Japan.

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Featuring captivating fragrances of freshly cut flowers, nuances of dried fruit and a subtle hint of oak wood, this Whiskey is balanced and undoubtedly distinctive.

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The Kensei distillery is located between the Kaganawa region and the majestic mountains surrounding the city of Nagano, renowned for its production of blended Japanese whiskey. Kensei is known for creating distillates of extraordinary refinement that are not lacking in character. Since the 1920s, whiskey production in Japan has steadily increased, with distilleries taking an increasing interest in Scotch whisky, especially in the 1970s and 1980s, in addition to producing their own local spirits. Over the years, this focus on discovering the deepest secrets of Scotch Whiskey production has been combined with the use of increasingly innovative distillation techniques. In 2001, a Japanese Whiskey was awarded the prestigious title of Best Whiskey in the World by the World Whiskey Awards Committee. Some attribute the distinctive taste of Japanese Whiskeys to the climate, while others link it to the wide variety of fermentation and distillation processes, and still others to the purity of the water. It is very probable that it is the combination of all these factors that gives excellence to fine Japanese Whiskeys.

Production method

The production of blended whiskeys aims at obtaining harmonious and balanced products through the skilful mixing of single malt, whiskey obtained from the distillation of a single type of malted barley, and grain whiskey, or whiskey from various types of unmalted cereals. The result is distillates that tend to have less character and less decisive gustatory notes, but nonetheless endowed with great harmony, aromas and pleasantness.

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Tasting notes

Amber colour. On the nose, a pleasant combination of flowers, dried fruit and sweet honey is perceived, with subtle woody hints at the end. In the mouth it is generous, soft and enveloping, offering a warm and harmonious sip, characterized by spicy notes.


Perfect at the end of a meal or as a meditation; particularly recommended for lovers of balanced whiskeys. Great as a gift!

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