Bitter Del Professore 70 cl

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Bitter Del Professore 70 cl is produced by Vermouth & Spirits Del Professore.

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Unique bitter obtained thanks to an accurate and meticulous infusion of local herbs, spices and fruit, supported by an exclusive recipe and the craftsmanship that distinguishes it.

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The idea of a group of enthusiasts has found confirmation in the approach and work of an authentic craftsman, able to bring back to life forgotten recipes and create products that recall an almost extinct artisan tradition. This wise and patient world is totally at odds with the current dominant trend towards the industrialization of the sector. Still today, within this reality, there is an entire community of people – growers, harvesters, master distillers – who contribute, each with their own manual skill, to the goodness and quality of the final product. A production ethic in which direct contact, sometimes a real bond of friendship, with all the collaborators is just as important as the quality of the ingredients or the balance of the recipe.

Production method

Bitter is a drink obtained through an artisanal production method. It is produced through a method of maceration and infusion of herbs, roots, spices and citrus fruits in an alcoholic base. This process makes it possible to extract the natural aromatic principles and bitters, creating a drink with a characteristic and complex flavour.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Ruby red color, embellished with fascinating amber shades. Powerful but at the same time balanced, it opens with pleasant sensations of cascarilla, juniper and pepper, accompanied by fresh notes of orange and bergamot, to then delicately touch the bitterness thanks to the presence of rhubarb and wild gentian.


It can be consumed alone, as an aperitif, or used as an ingredient for the preparation of cocktails and mixed drinks.

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