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Amaro Unicum Zwack liter

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Amaro Unicum Zwack liter is a Hungarian amaro.

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It allows you to immerse yourself in the essence of Budapest and to taste a centuries-old tradition of over two hundred years.

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It dates back to 1790 when Doctor Zwack, ancestor of the current producers, created it to facilitate the digestion of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Joseph II. The exact formula of Unicum is a closely guarded secret of the Zwack family, who have continued to produce the liqueur with the same recipe for generations. The flavor of the Unicum is a blend of over forty aromatic herbs and spices from every corner of the world, which blend into a balsamic, medicinal and aromatic label, perfect as a digestif after meals.

Production method

To produce the Amaro, herbs and spices are used which undergo both maceration and distillation to extract their aromatic and gustatory properties. The liquid obtained from this processing is then mixed in a large wooden container with a capacity of 20,000 litres. After this phase, the liqueur is left to mature in oak barrels, to allow the flavors to blend and acquire greater softness. Only after this refinement process is the Amaro bottled and put on sale.

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Tasting notes

Plum color, already at the first approach to the nose, intense spicy and balsamic aromas emerge, characterized by notes of roots, sage, menthol and vanilla. On the palate, the liqueur is full-bodied, powerful and almost tactile, with a vigorous and muscular sip. Its personality is expressed right down to the last sip, leaving a pleasant, persistent and intense aftertaste in the mouth.


Perfect as a digestive or after-dinner, served iced, it can also be used in mixology to prepare special and excellent cocktails.

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