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Amaro Formidabile 70 cl

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Amaro Formidabile 70 cl is a bitter produced by Formidabile Liquori & Affini.

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It represents the result of a meticulous research work that lasted for several years, drawing on the limited but extraordinary knowledge handed down over the centuries in the field of liqueur drinks. The main objective is to offer the consumer a contemporary solution of the highest quality and completely natural, made with excellent ingredients.

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Formidabile Spirits & Affinities is a Rome-based brand specializing in the creation and marketing of Italian liqueurs and bitters. Amaro Formidabile is produced in San Basilio, a suburb of Rome, thanks to the inspiration of Armando Bomba. With a passion for the restaurant industry and mixology handed down from his family, Armando has always dreamed of creating an authentic and refined product, which encompasses all his life experiences and puts his continuous study of raw materials into practice. After various work experiences in the field of business administration, he decided to devote himself to his great passion: the art of creating liqueurs. He spent five years on the Island of Elba, studying perfumery and pharmacopoeia, acquiring knowledge from ancient and modern recipe books. It was in San Basilio that he found a laboratory suitable for his needs and started the production of his amaro, using refined raw materials from different parts of the world, especially from Italy.

Production method

The “Formidabile” bitter liqueur is handcrafted using a process of maceration of aromatic and medicinal plants in the purest grain alcohol.

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Tasting notes

Amber color and the use of an ultra-clear glass bottle give the liqueur a precious visual transparency. From the first taste, the aroma is three-dimensional, with a variety of sensations that cannot be reduced to a single note. Slightly smoky citrus hints emerge, with a unique combination of coccoin and toasted Criollo cocoa beans. The texture is silky and enveloping, offering a warm and almost chewable sensation. In the mouth, the liqueur reveals a surprising polyphony: the sensations evolve almost simultaneously, keeping their individual characteristics distinct. The initial gustatory note is aromatically citrus, with hints of peel of three types of citrus and a slight presence of anise. Subsequently, a spicy heart of carnation and coriander emerges, accompanied by a herbaceous tone of artemisia and a warmth of nutmeg. Finally, toasted, woody and oriental nuances are perceived, evocative of highly concentrated botanical extracts. It is fascinating to note how it is possible to perceive elements that are absolutely absent, such as licorice, bitter almonds or coffee beans covered in dark chocolate.


Perfect bitter as a digestive or after-dinner. It can also be used in mixology for the preparation of particular and suggestive aperitif cocktails.

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