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Amara Amaro Arancia Rossa 50 cl

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Amara Amaro Arancia Rossa 50 cl is an artisan amaro produced by Amara.

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Bitter, aromatic, citrusy, spicy directly from the slopes of Etna in Sicily. Winner of the 2022 World Liqueur Awards.

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Amara is a bitter liqueur of blood oranges and other aromatic herbs produced on the slopes of Etna, in Sicily, on which numerous orange groves extend. Thanks to the peculiar characteristics of the soil and the strong temperature ranges, the fruit acquires organoleptic characteristics and a unique flavour, elements which are then transferred to the product.

The recipe has ancient peasant origins but is now taken up by Rossa, the company that produces it with the aim of enhancing the territory throughout the country and beyond.

Production method

Amara is obtained through the infusion of blood oranges, aromatic herbs and sugar.

Alcohol content



Amara is perfect as a digestive or after-dinner, served iced (recommended temperature -5°C)

Amara can also be used in mixology, as a gift, for a good impression at a dinner with friends.

Tasting notes

Amara is a delicate amaro with a strong taste, orange color with golden notes. On the nose, the main scent is obviously the fruity citrus aroma that derives from the orange peel, but there is still a complexity of aromas deriving from the use of aromatic herbs. In the mouth it enters soft, to then leave room for greater bitterness and pungency.

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