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Palmento Costanzo, in Sicily, in Contrada Passopisciaro in the Etna Valley. The millstone of Etna was rebuilt and restored by the Costanzo family in 2011, which therefore becomes today’s Palmento Costanzo, very similar to the original, which has existed since the 19th century in Sicily as a place of wine production. As part of the renovation, 4 egg-shaped wooden containers were inserted, which with their shape allow a natural and continuous pumping over of the wine allowing the fine lees to remain constantly in suspension and therefore refine the wines in a genuine and natural way. The goal of Mimmo Costanzo, an entrepreneur from Catania, and his family is to enhance the production of Etna wines in the world; the manual selection of the grapes and the modern winemaking techniques combined with the microclimate and volcanic soils that only the proximity to the highest active volcano in Europe can give, allows for the creation of extraordinarily complex wines capable of exciting. The attention to detail of the Costanzo family means that these wines are endowed with another peculiarity: to demonstrate the indissoluble link of the wine to its area of origin, the wines have the black volcanic sand of Etna embossed on their labels.

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